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There are many ways to promote Lefty candidates, to help create the Progressive Congress of which we dream. Donate. Join. Volunteer. Talk. Share — as in, share on social media.

When you read my posts, you always find helpful links. The links are meant to urge readers to do more, learn more, ponder more — to access “more” with ease and speed. This blog is essentially an information resource, a kind of directory for the Progressive Movement. So, please do click on all the links in the first paragraph. But especially follow the share link. It’ll take you to a new social-sharing tool that’ll polically-revolutionize your Facebook and Twitter timelines.

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Pass it along. Social sharing is caring!

The “Aggregated Progressive Candidates’ Social Feed” is a resource I pulled together to make it quick and easy to boost 2020 progressive candidates on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Readers are welcome to use it, too. These are the advantages:

  • The feed includes a social media account from every progressive candidate running for national office. They’re all together, in one place.
  • Sharing is accomplished in a few simple clicks. Then right back to the aggregated social feed you may go, for a few more shares. Efficient!
  • While Facebook and Twitter want to present popular updates in your news feed, this aggregated feed gives you updates in chronological order. No candidate’s social activity is lost, buried, or ignored.
  • This feed is candidates-only. You won’t be side-tracked by anyone else (no matter how adorably furry). Get in. Get out. Get the job done — distraction-free.

I put a link to the Aggregated Progressive Candidates’ Social Feed in my browser’s bookmark bar. A few times a day, whenever I think of it, I share two or three progressive candidate updates on Twitter and Facebook — in less than a minute!

HELPFUL HINTS: There’s no reason to bash progressive opponents on social media. There’s no need to offend any family member or friend who follows you. At the same time, you have a right to express your perspective. For instance, you may share an informative update from your favorite progressive candidate, and include a comment that explains why YOU appreciate his or her platform. Now, you could receive any kind of response in return. So be prepared: On principle, convey respect for all serious viewpoints (even if you’re secretly gritting your teeth). But ignore trollers, bots, and haters; mute or block them.

Feedback is most welcome. Please let me know if you try the Aggregated Progressive Candidates’ Social Feed and what the experience is like. Use the comments section, at the bottom of the page.

For now, look at the response to one of my tweets. The tweet wasn’t a share, exactly, more an informative comment. But Mayhem Mellow D’s reply highlights the essence of progressive strategy: it goes beyond 2020.

Naturally, social media is an important component of long-term progressive strategy.

In summary, social media turns the table on the Progressive Blackout in traditional mainstream news. On the Internet, millions of tiny gains of progressive social “sand” are taking the beachhead, as if under stealth. With each digital social share that highlights a worthy progressive candidate, we fortify that beachhead — more firmly establishing the battle position that will win an American Progressive Congress and restore democracy to the United States. The Aggregated Progressive Candidates’ Social Feed was designed to aid such an endeavor, with near-effortless ease.

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