The Revolutionary California Progressive Candidates of 2020

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The California Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Find the most revolutionary California progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Supports single-payer Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: January 18, 2020

California Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. House

CA-01 Audrey Denney for U.S. House

Audrey Denney (D) – “North State Values and Vision.” Medicare for All • Forest Health and Fire Prevention • Money Out of Politics • Public Education • Veterans Benefits • Agriculture • Environmental Protections • Public Lands • California’s Water • Paid Maternity Leave and Family Leave • Tax Reform • Gun Safety • Foreign Policy of Diplomacy and Human Rights • Humane Immigration Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-02 Rachel Moriz for U.S. House

Rachel Moriz (D) – “We Must Rise Up and Take Our Country Back.” Medicare for All • Reproductive Justice • LGBTQIA+ Protections • Sensible Gun Laws • Women’s Rights • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-04 Robert Lawton for U.S. House

Robert Lawton (I) – “Local. Independent. Unbought.” Medicare for All • Climate Action • Address Wildfires • Public Energy Utility • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • Gun Control • Assault Weapons Ban • Labor Unions • Term Limits for Congress, Federal Judges, and Supreme Court Justices • Eliminate Medical Debt • Federal Legalization of Cannabis • Abolish Electoral College • Open Primaries • Paper Ballots • Free Public Colleges • Cancel Student Debt • Corporate Money Out of Politics • Overturn Citizens United • Water Protections • Fracking Ban • Universal School Meals Program Act • Abolish Death Penalty • Reform Military Spending • Tax Reform • Reduce Deficit • Green New Deal • Foreign Affairs that Protect Human Rights • No More Carpetbagger or Parachute Candidates • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-05 Jason Kishineff for U.S. House

Jason Kishineff (D) – “Continuing the Political Revolution.” Medicare for All • End Corporate Personhood • Comprehensive Electoral Reform • Public Funded Elections • End Voter Suppression • End For-Profit Wars • Police and Prison Reform • Green New Deal • Citizenship to All Current Immigrants • Tuition Free College • Livable Minimum Wage • Repeal Free-Trade Agreements • Women’s Rights • Pesticide and Herbicide Regulations • Legalize Cannabis • Reduce Military Budget • Universal Child Allowance • End Homelessness • Federal Jobs Guarantee • Eliminate Plastic • Reaffirm Right to Contract • Clean Contaminated Waterways • Governmental Corruption Monitor • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-05 John Tyler for U.S. House

John Tyler (D) – “A New, Progressive Voice for District #5” Medicare for All • A Safe America • Green New Deal • Free College Tuition • Safe Working Environment • Better Social Security • Justice for All • Anti-Corruption • Restore Clearlake • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-06 Ben Emard for U.S. House

Ben Emard (D) – “Fighting for Working People.” Medicare for All • Climate Action • Green New Deal • Carbon Capture Research • Gun Control • Assault Weapons Ban • Public Education • Tuition Free Public College and Graduate School • Criminal Justice Reform • Ban For-Profit Prisons • Inmates’ Bill of Rights • Voting Rights • Restore Voting Rights Act • Reproductive Rights • Immigration Reform • Refugee Program • Trade Unions • Workers’ Rights • Legalize Cannabis • Regulate Corporations and Wall Street • Redistribute Tax Burden • LGBTQ+ Rights • End Homelessness Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-07 Jeff Burdick for U.S. House

Jeff Burdick (D) – “Putting Voters First — Not Big Donors.” Medicare for All • Economic Justice • Protect Civil Rights and Civil Liberties • Promote Global Peace and Security • Environmental Protections • Energy Independence • End “Right to Work” Laws • Indexed $15 Minimum Wage • Sunset the Patriot Act • Protect Privacy Rights • Reproductive Freedom • Reform Electoral Process • End Corporate Consolidation of Media • Workplace Rights • Eliminate Discrimination • Reduce Nuclear Proliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction • Support Developing Countries • Green New Deal • Improve Mass Transit • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-07 Jon Ivy for U.S. House

Jon Ivy (R) – “Progressive Republican for Congress.” Medicare for All • Campaign Finance Reform • Public Funded Elections • End Gerrymandering • Tuition Free Public Higher Education • Guaranteed Basic Income • Green New Deal • End Fascism, Xenophobia, and Racism • End Endless War • Reform Military Spending • Women’s Rights • LGBTQ+ Rights • Human and Civil Rights for All • End Wage Gap • Criminal Justice Reform • End Money Bail • Gun Regulation and Control • Police Reform • End War on Drugs • Legalize Marijuana • Media Literacy • Accepts No Corporate Money

Anyone insisting that a “free market” for healthcare would do a good job is ignoring the fact that we’ve tried and failed to make a working market for healthcare. We tried it, it didn’t work, let’s move on to better, proven systems. This should essentially be the Republican attitude on all our ventures – we have great thinkers, and we’ll try their great ideas, and when the ideas fail, we’ll move on to better ones. The market is telling us we need a single-payer system; it’d be simply pig-headed to ignore it.

~ Jon Ivy
Jon Ivy: “What the hell is a Progressive Republican?”

CA-07 Chris Richardson for U.S. House

Chris Richardson (G) – “Vote for What You Want! Not Least Worst Candidate.” Medicare for All • Free Education • Fund National Public Radio and Press • Public Works Programs • End Endless Wars • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-11 Michael E. Kerr for U.S. House

Michael E. Kerr (G) – “With Peace and Justice.” Medicare for All • Economic and Social Justice • Anti-Trust Enforcement • Arts • Banking Reform • Climate Solutions • Corporate Accountability and Democracy • Disabled Rights • Electoral Reform • Public Education • Ethical Treatment of Animals • Media Reform • Puerto Rican Independence • Reparations • End Poverty • Youth Rights • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-12 Agatha Bacelar for U.S. House

Agatha Bacelar (D) – “Proximity.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Criminal Justice Reform • Public Education • Universal Pre-K • Gun Safety • Immigrant Justice • Money Out of Politics • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-12 Shahid Buttar for U.S. House

Shahid Buttar (D) – “Resistance for Real.” Medicare for All • Unseat Nancy Pelosi • Green New Deal • Affordable Housing • Privacy Protections • Military Spending Cuts • Diplomatic Strength and Peace Foreign Policies • Labor Unions • Immigration Reform • Digital Rights • Whistleblower Protections • End War on Drugs • End Mass Incarceration • Criminal Law Reform • Unseat Nancy Pelosi • Accepts No Corporate Money

Shahid Buttar aims to unseat Nancy Pelosi in 2020.
Shahid Buttar is interviewed by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti about how his policies contrast with those of his opponent, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

CA-12 Tom Gallagher for U.S. House

Tom Gallagher (D) – “A Bernie Sanders Democrat Before There Were Bernie Sanders Democrats.” Medicare for All • Public Education • Reparations for Descendants of Slaves and Native Americans • An Equal Rights Amendment • Abolish Death Penalty • End War on Drugs • Persons of Disabilities Rights • Immigration Marshall Plan for Central America • Green New Deal • Labor Unions • Workers’ Rights • Unseat Nancy Pelosi • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-15 Austin Intal for U.S. House

Austin Intal (D) – “It’s Time for Revolution!” Medicare for All • Free College for All • Tax the Rich, Not the Working Class • Environmental Justice • Renewable Energy • Protect Immigrants • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-16 Kim Williams for U.S. House

Kim Williams (D) – “Vision for the Valley.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Political Reform • Big Money Out of Politics • Public Funded Elections • Congressional Term Limits • Economic Dignity • Affordable Housing • Public Education • Debt-Free College • Immigration Reform • Criminal Justice Reform • Women’s Rights and Equal Pay • Reproductive Rights • Economic Equality • Universal Pre-K • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-17 Ro Khanna for U.S. House

Ro Khanna (D) incumbent – “Change Starts with You.” Medicare for All • Ban PAC and Lobbyist Money • Green New Deal • Human Rights • Economic Justice • End Endless Wars • Public Utilities • Immigration Reform • Gun Safety • Expand Veteran Benefits • Internet Bill of Rights • Women’s Rights • Expand Social Security • LGBTQ Rights • Working Families • Create Technology and Manufacturing Jobs across America • Reduce Traffic Congestion • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-18 Rishi Kumar for U.S. House

Rishi Kumar (D) – “Getting Things Done.” Medicare for All • Quality of Life • High Speed Broadband as Utility • Preserve Open Spaces • Women In the Workplace • Senior Citizen Protections • Affordable Housing • Mass Transportation • Green New Deal • Big Money Out of Politics • Immigration Reform • American Diversity and Rights for All • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-19 Ivan Torres for U.S. House

Ivan Torres (D) – “Take the Power Away from Corporate Interests and Bring It Back to Everyday People!” Medicare for All • Tuition Free Public College • Green New Deal • Affordable Housing • $20 Minimum Wage • Immigration Reform • Cancel Student Loan Debt • Reproductive Rights • LGBTQ Rights • Workers’ Rights • Federal Jobs Guarantee • Peace Economy • Affordable Childcare • Criminal Justice Reform • End Private Prisons • Support Veterans • Increased Teachers Pay • Election Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-20 Adam Scow for U.S. House

Adam Scow (D) – “Let’s Solve This.” Medicare for All • Climate Crisis Solutions • Affordable Housing • Clean and Affordable Water • Sustainable Agriculture • Justice for Farmworkers and Immigrants • Tuition Free Public College • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-22 Bobby Bliatout for U.S. House

Bobby Bliatout (D) – “It’s Time Someone Had OUR Back.” Medicare for All • Foreign Policy of Diplomacy • Lift the Middle Class • Support Small Farmers • Innovative and Sustainable Agriculture • Environmental Stewardship • Care for Veterans • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-22 Dary Rezvani for U.S. House

Dary Rezvani (D) – “A Voice for the Valley.” Medicare for All • Clean, Sustainable Water • Immigration Reform • Protect Asylum Seekers • Climate Action • Invest in Public Education • Criminal Justice Reform • End Private Prisons • End Cash Bail • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-25 Christopher Smith for U.S. House

Christopher Smith (D) – “This Is Our Moment.” Medicare for All • Economic Equality • Immigration Reform • Green New Deal • Protect Water Supply • Equality and Civil Rights for All • Restore American Leadership Abroad • Internet Bill of Rights • Animal Welfare • Strengthen Federal Institutions • Fair Elections • Common Sense Gun Laws • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-25 Cenk Uygur for U.S. House

Cenk Uygur (D) – “He’s Going to Fight for You.” Medicare for All • End Corruption in Politics • Higher Wages • Support Small Businesses • Immigration Rights • Climate Action • Green New Deal • Environmental Justice • Accepts No Corporate Money

Ana begins her interview of Candidate Cenk Uygur at 2:25:50 minutes.

CA-28 Maebe A. Girl for U.S. House

Maebe A. Girl (D) – “First Drag Queen Elected to Public Office in the United States.” Medicare for All • LGBTQIA Rights and Protections • Women’s Rights and Protections • Immigration Rights and Protections • Minority Rights and Protections • Environmental Protections • Gun Reform • End Homelessness • Stabilize Working and Middle Class • Free State College • Foreign Policy of Diplomacy and Collaboration • Green Works Progress Administration • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-29 Angelica Dueñas for U.S. House

Angelica Dueñas (D) – “Equity. Justice. Equality.” Medicare for All • Environmental and Climate Justice • Green New Deal • Public Education • Free Public University • Student Debt Cancellation • Universal Pre-K • Humane Immigration Reform • Housing Is a Human Right • End Homelessness • Civil Rights Protections for All • Criminal Justice Reform • Caring for Veterans • Foreign Policy Based on Prosperity and Peace • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-30 CJ Bernia for U.S. House

CJ Bernia (D) – “We’re Here to Build a Better Tomorrow.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Big Money Out of Politics • End the Wars • Forgive Student Loan Debt • Build the Future Economy • Regulate Artificial Intelligence • Enforce Antitrust Laws • Protect Data Privacy • Support and Stabilize Families • Expand Social Security • Paid Family and Sick Leave • Collective Bargaining • Support Small Businesses • Fair Wealth Tax • Criminal Justice Reform • Ban Private Prisons • Legalize Marijuana • Enforce Police Accountability • End War on Drugs • End Gun Violence • Assault Weapon Ban • Federal Gun Buyback Program • Restore Civil Liberties • Repeal the PATRIOT ACT • Ban Facial Recognition Technology • Expand Public Education • Free Public College • Rebuild Infrastructure • Optimize Cities for Climate Disaster • Reproductive Rights • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • De-Criminalize Poverty • End Cash Bail • End Payday Loans • Free Public Banking via USPS • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-34 David Kim for U.S. House

David Kim (D) – “Positive Change for America.” Medicare for All • Universal Basic Income • Human-Centered Capitalism • Save Planet and Environment • Free Public Higher Education • One-Time Student Debt Cancellation • Peace Economy • Affordable Housing • Federal Jobs Guarantee • Labor Unions • Equal Pay • Establish Department of Children and Youth • Ban Politicians from Accepting Corporate Money • Democracy Dollars • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • Criminal Justice Reform • Crime Prevention • Crypto/Digital Asset Regulation and Consumer Protection • Regulate AI and other Emerging Technologies • Congressional Limits • Supreme Court Justice Term Limits • Restore Voting Rights • End Gerrymandering • Women’s Rights • LGBTQIA+ Rights • Native American Justice • Black Rights, Racial Reconciliation, and Healing • National Service • Gun Control and Safety • Veterans Support • Seniors Support • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-34 Frances Motiwalla for U.S. House

Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla (D) – “The Stakes Have Never Been Higher.” Medicare for All • Prosper Through Peace • End Involvement in Senseless Wars • Reallocate Excess Military Spending into Domestic Programs • Build Brides, Not Wall • Crack Down on Human and Weapon Traffickers • End Homelessness • Empower Working Class • $15 Minimum Wage • Guaranteed Jobs Program • Gig Worker Protections • Labor Unions • Fair Tax Reform • Gun Violence Prevention • Criminal Justice Reform • Legalize Marijuana • Eliminate Private Prisons • Abolish Death Penalty • Inmate Rehabilitation • Equal Rights for All • Combat Climate Crisis • Green New Deal • Public Education System • Free Public College • Big Money Out of Politics • Voting Rights • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-38 Michael Tolar for U.S. House

Michael Tolar (D) – “Fighting for Everyday People.” Medicare for All • Criminal Justice Reform • Gun Control • Affordable Housing • Big Money Out of Politics • Support Veterans • Workers’ Rights • Accept No Corporate Money

CA-40 Rodolfo Barragan for U.S. House

Rodolfo Barragan (G) – “For the Future of the Species.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Fully-Funded Public Education • Pre-K • Tuition-Free Higher Education • Student Loan Forgiveness and Reimbursement • Rent Control • Abolish Security-Incarceration Complex • Foreign Policy of Peace • Accepts No Corporate Money

Green candidate Rodolfo Barragan: “Vote like your life depends on it. It does.”

CA-42 Liam O’Mara for U.S. House

Liam O’Mara (D) – “Restore Accountability in Congress.” Medicare for All • $15+ Federal Minimum Wage • Plan for Automation • Paid Family and Sick Leave • Paid Vacation • Higher Taxes for Rich • Affordable Housing • End Homelessness • Banking Reform • Infrastructure Repairs • Child Care • Public Education Reform • End Public Funding of Charter Schools • School Lunches and Senior Meals • Tuition Free Higher Education • End War on Drugs • Legalize Cannabis • Gun Regulation • Media Regulation • Reproductive Rights • Civil Liberties for All • End Surveillance State • Immigration Reform • Climate Action • Support Veterans Affairs • Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy • Reduce Influence of Military Industrial Complex • Campaign Finance Reform • Public Funded Elections • Ban Outside Authorship of Legislation • Overturn Citizens United • Balanced Budgets • Accepts No Corporate Money

It is time for the financial sector to stand on its own two feet, and not on the backs of the taxpayer.

~ William O’Mara

CA-46 – Will Johnson for U.S. House

Will Johnson (I) – “4 the People.” Medicare for All • Tuition Free Public College • Universal Pre-K • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness • Renewable Energy • Rebuild Infrastructure • Living Wage • Money Out of Politics • Legalize Cannabis • Immigration Reform • Net Neutrality • Support Small Business • Support People with Disabilities • Military Budget Cuts • End Authorization for Use of Military Force • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-47 Peter Mathews for U.S. House

Peter Mathews (D) – “The People’s Democrat.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Reduce Income Inequality • Tuition Free College • Cancel Student Debt • Fully Fund Public Education • $15 Minimum Wage • Women’s Rights • Gender Equality • Reproductive Freedom • Big Money Out of Politics • Public Funded Elections • Expand Social Security • LGBTQIA+ Rights • Universal Child Care • Parental Leave • Paid Vacations • Criminal Justice Reform • End Private Prisons • Immigration Justice • Abolish ICE • Gun Control • Disability Rights and Support • Public Banking • 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act • End Homelessness • Peace and Justice Economy • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-47 Jalen McLeod for U.S. House

Jalen McLeod (I) – “Us.” Medicare for All • Campaign Finance Reform • Criminal Justice Reform • End Private Prisons • Public Education • Free Public College • Remove Electoral College • Cut Military Spending • Gun Control • Responsible Globalization Foreign Policy • Green New Deal • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • Labor Rights • Federal Job Guarantee • LGBTQIAX Civil Rights Protections • Affordable Housing • End Homelessness • Reproductive Rights • Senior Care • Progressive Tax System • Wealth Tax • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-50 José Cortés for U.S. House

José Cortés (PFP) – “Peace and Freedom.” Medicare for All • $15 Minimum Wage Indexed to Cost of Living • Global Disarmament • Defend and Extend Liberties Guaranteed in Bill of Rights • Free Public Education from Pre-K through Graduate • Cancel Student Debt • Environmental Protections • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-52 Nancy Casady for U.S. Congress

Nancy Casady (D) – “Vote for the Green New Deal” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Regenerative Agriculture • Criminal Justice Reform • Legalize Cannabis • Expand Social Security • Reproductive Freedom • Justice for Refugees • Tax Reforms • Public Education • End Reckless Overseas Wars • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-53 Jose Caballero for U.S. House

Jose Caballero (D) – “Because Policy Matters.” Medicare for All • Heroes’ Promise to Expand Veterans’ Benefits • Green New Deal • Criminal Justice Reform • End War, Promote Peace • Reduce Military Budget • Public Education • Tuition Free College • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness • End Drug War • Money Out of Politics • Immigration Reform • National Public Bank • Accepts No Corporate Money

Jose Caballero Had His Corporate Democrat Opponent So Shook She Dropped Out | The Humanist Report

CA-53 Suzette Santori for U.S. House

Suzette Santori (D) – “A Movement Where We Can All Thrive.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Immigration Reform • Money Out of Politics • Gun Control • Equal Opportunity • Accepts No Corporate Money

CA-53 Joaquín Vázquez for U.S. House

Joaquín Vázquez (D) – “Putting People First.” Medicare for All • Labor Unions • Public Education • Tuition Free Higher Education • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • Criminal Justice Reform • Housing Is a Human Right • Green New Deal • Equal Rights for All • Big Money Out of Politics • Voter Protections • Stop Gun Violence • Accepts No Corporate Money

California Progressive Candidates
2020 California progressive candidates are revolutionary!

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