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The Zen of Beach Sand Drawing

I've heard of sand painting, balanced rock sculpture, and sky writing. Yet another fleeting art form comes to my attention: beach sand art...


3-D Printed Sculptures that Live & Move

The the artistic works of kinetic sculptor John Edmark echo the timeless patterns of change in nature. They appear to be alive and moving. Utterly captivating...


The Unsung Delight of a Well-Designed Endpaper | Atlas Obscura

The ultimate satisfaction of handling a printed book may be when you open the cover to spy an exquisitely designed endpaper. Sarah Laskow tells us a bit about the history of this unique art form...


Faced with Current Reality, How Can Fiction Compete? | The Guardian

Author Lionel Shriver is known for creating characters who are "hard to love." This is her take on the President-Elect's potential as a fictional character in a novel: "Donald Trump wouldn't work on paper."


Some Brilliant Satirical Mind-Blowing Art by Pawel Kuczynski | Eyes on Europe & Middle East News

Originally posted on Eyes on Europe & Middle East :
Polish artist and illustrator Paweł Kuczyński is famous for his political and satirical take on world events filled with thought provoking messages ( in some of them )as his works  specialize in satirical illustration. He’s one of the most influential contemporary artists in his field.Take a look…


Edge Of A Revolution (Lyric Video) | Nickelback

A tune that seems appropriate for our Independence celebration this year, as we are "standing on the edge of revolution."  


Blind Man And His Friend With No Arms Work As One To Plant A Forest | The Huffington Post

"Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia have worked together to plant more than 10,000 trees over the past decade. It’s a remarkable feat for anyone to plant a small forest in China, but Wenqi has no arms and Haixia is blind... “You’ll be my arms, I’ll be your eyes,” chronicles the environmental restoration the duo from a small village in Hebei Province, near Beijing, undertook. They’ve been friends since childhood and refer to each other as “brothers” as they work as one to restore a landscape scarred by development." ~ Nick Visser and Kelly Chen


These 4 Indigenous Artists Are Looking to Clarify History with Music | Global Citizen

"Throughout human history, music has been used as a form of expression for silenced and oppressed groups. This tendency has sparked many cultural revolutions, like the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s and early 1930s in New York. Today, many indigenous people use music to spread awareness, as a form of resistance, and to preserve and celebrate their culture. Here are a few cool contemporary groups with indigenous roots from all over the world..." ~ Madeline Schwartz


Yemeni Artist Fights Oppression And Suffering with Art | AJ+

"Award-winning Yemeni street artist Murad Subay is adorning the streets of Sanaa with murals that critique oppression and suffering." ~ AJ+

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