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Fireside Chat From Sedona | Snippets of a Traveling Mind

My traveling blogger friend USFman was recently in Sedona, Arizona. Perhaps overcome by the beauty, or the sun, he morphed into FDR and gives us a fireside chat about conserving our beautiful, precious natural lands...


Take Action to Defend Bears Ears National Monument

During his final weeks in office, President Obama proclaimed Bears Ears a national monument. Now, Utah Governor Gary Herbert is trying to revoke that designation. You can help defend Bears Ears National Monument. Call Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and urge him to keep our public lands in public hands. Celebrate Bears Ears: Welcome to our ...

Pistachio tree

30 Fascinating Photos That Reveal What Food Looks Like Before Harvest Time | True Activist

Brianna Acuesta has gathered photos of foods that are grown around the world that most people have never seen in their natural element before. These photos give a startling insight into the world of food that many ignore, even when it comes to healthy food items.

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Animal Behaviors Cleanse My Mind | Snippets of a Traveling Mind

Fellow-blogger, USFman, is hitting the right balance between civic duty and personal well-being -- as he watches animals and enjoys nature. Some of the critters reflect our own need for social support, and still others inspire blooming good ideas for The Resistance...


Remember Earth Day – Love the Beauty of Nature

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. How can we hurt our Mother Earth? We can't, if we love her nature. Earth Day is this Tuesday, April 22. Will you make special time to enjoy the simple, yet sublime, on Tuesday? Will you spend time enjoying the beauty of nature - and revel in the gifts ...

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