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“About” Page Updated at

Needed to update my "About" page. Did that today. Yea!

dogs in action (stick and water involved)

4 Worthy Organizations Added to the “Take Action” Page

Site Update: I've added four worthy organizations to the Take Action page.

Everything Is Going to Be Okay

An update from my hiatus...

fall leaves

A Temporary Hiatus

A quick note... Dear fellow-bloggers, if you wonder where I've been -- I am engrossed in website projects, AND I'm moving to a new apartment! Things here should be back to near-normal by, or before, mid-October. ❤ Enjoy the changing season! Advertisements


Winds of Change at Aware & Fair

Site Announcement: I'll be changing things here at the site by combining a few interests and projects. I want to focus on fiction writing, but will still curate real-life progressive politics and activism (which play in the background of my stories). With a snarl of blogs and social networking accounts, which I have already expanded ...


Doug Hughes: In the Heroes Gallery

I created the new page 'Heroes' for Aware & Fair. It holds a photo gallery of some of the remarkable Americans I have covered on the blog. (Well, mostly American, but also International heroes.) Doug Hughes happens to be one of the first such 'celebrated' heroes. The Heroes Gallery is a work in progress. 🙂


I Will Follow You Again!

Dear Fellow-Bloggers, Apologies are due. Yesterday I wanted to change my WordPress email notification settings. (I follow a lot of blogs - too many emails! WP notification bar is better.) It was a big job. Maybe I went about it incorrectly.... The changes didn't 'take.' In the end, for an expedient resolution, I had to 'unfollow' almost ...


New Action Events Page

Just added an Events page to Aware & Fair. Look for it in the menu. It'll be used to list upcoming action events you may find of interest.