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A sparrow

Today Is Happy Birdie Sanders Day!

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Bernie Sanders, one year ago today. He spontaneously shared his presidential campaign podium with a little bird, and suddenly they were talking about world peace. The Crowd went wild! This is why canines wag our tails on Happy Birdie Sanders Day every March 25th. We’re really into peace, especially for napping–which solves all arguments…


Bernie Goes to the Vatican (The Chester Chronicles)

A short story by JoAnn Chateau… humor, dogs, a tiny bit of politics…

Gus’s next door neighbor, Lacey Cooper, dropped Chester off early that morning, before light. Not only did she have the dog in tow, her arms had been laden with dog paraphernalia: toys, food and water bowls, an old towel, zip-lock bags of kibble and treats, a tote bag full of plastic grocery bags, notebook with important phone numbers, and a miniature dog house with a handle on the roof!

Normally Lace worked from home. The next three days, however, she was conducting a workshop at a regional RON conference. Radical Online Entrepreneurs. Something about social media and building “community.”

She had been wired! Too much coffee? Public speaking anxiety? Surrogate child separation?

There had been instructions. Most of them common sense. Gus gathered that Chester was more or less like a high-functioning toddler. It was important to remember he could walk, and run. Always use a leash. Keep the water bowl full and fresh. The mini dog house was Chester’s “safe place” to rest. Pick up and dispose of Chester’s poop. Wait a minute….

Bernie Goes to the Vatican (The Chester Chronicles) was originally shared on Aware & Fair

Bernie and the Little Bird (The Chester Chronicles)

A short story by JoAnn Chateau… humor, dogs, a tiny bit of politics…

Augustine Ambrosi, known to most simply as Gus, was tall, lean and muscular. Yet he lumbered to his living room recliner. It was a wonder he could walk at all. No knee caps.

The TV was on. MSNBC. Not so Progressive anymore, he reflected. But he could stand Rachel Maddow.

Chester hesitated nearby. He was unsure if he should make himself comfortable in the other armchair, or hop into the Big Guy’s lap. It was the first time he had been left on his own to keep Gus company.

Gus pointed at him. “Lie down,” came the gruff command. Oh… the floor.

Hunkering down with his belly to the carpet, Chester continued to scrutinize Gus. What, if anything, would be required next? Would treats be involved?

Operating the remote, Gus found a recorded past-episode of Maddow. While he got it going he glanced at Chester, who was watching him. “Why you staring at me? Don’t you want to watch TV? High definition.” Gus sighed. It was one thing to babysit a dog. Must he entertain it, also? […]

Bernie and the Little Bird (The Chester Chronicles) was originally published on Aware & Fair