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Stephen King Has Me Stumped on the Meaning of Shit | Dogeared Lit

A Stephen King detective novel is entertaining, but can it help you uncover the mysteries of life... - Writing

A Fight Against Corruption Earns Pulitzer Prize

A year ago, the Panama Papers made headlines for exposing the corrupt depth and breadth of offshore tax havens. They just received the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting. Get the full story at Rise Up Times...


Writing Tips from J.K Rowling | World of Horror – Dogeared Lit

The amazing Harry Potter series--how did J. K. Rowling do it? Amir. H. Ghazi from World of Horror shares Rowling’s best-ever advice to writers…


Medicine and Literature: Two Treatments of the Human Condition | Aeon Essays

Doctor and writer Gavin Francis examines the synergy between literature, with its capacity to develop empathy, and a clinician's provision of medical treatment or psychotherapy -- and vice versa. That is, medical practice may also expand an author's rendering of the human condition in his or her writing...


3 Reasons Journals Make Better Writers | Writings By Ender

What about keeping a writer's journal? It could be treasure. Austin L. Wiggins has convinced me to find some sturdy notebooks and give journaling a go.


Teaching College Students to Write “Content” | The Incompetent Writer

The Incompetent Writer says online content is "one of the great art forms of our time." Do you agree?


Experimenting with The Chester Chronicles Site

The Chester Chronicles is temporarily down while I do some reorganizing. (Actually, something went awry!) The reason I was messing around is because I have this idea -- for a cooperative writers marketing hub. Once I can get back in, and play around with things, and experiment, and try this and that, I'll get back ...


Building Your Book’s Front Matter | Lit World Interviews

Tips for independent authors on setting up the front of your book, especially pertinent for ebooks... "I’ve always loved long introductions in the front matter of the books of my favorite authors. Not sure if it’s just me, but finding out more about them, their lives and thoughts has inspired me si…" ~ JoRobinson176 SOURCE: Building ...