The Chester Chronicles

Scruffy, little white dog…

Alpha Bichon

Chester is a scruffy, little white dog (mostly Bichon Frise) with short front legs. He walks with a swagger. His natural self-confidence — without thought, without wrinkle — is simple righteous “Alpha” instinct.

Welcome to The Chester Chronicles. There may be some Internet TV, a few left-leaning political adventures, delicious snacks, and… time-travel.

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Know which Progressives were elected in 2018, and help beef-up support for a more Progressive Congress.

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Find info and tips on multiple ways to contact elected representatives: by telephone, tweet, petition, and more.

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God Made the earth, the sky and the water, the moon and the sun. He made man and bird and beast. But He didn’t make the dog. He already had one.

~ Native American saying

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