The Revolutionary Delaware Progressive Candidates of 2020

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The Delaware Democratic Primary is held on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Find the most revolutionary Delaware progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Fully supports Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: October 3, 2019

Delaware Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. Senate


U.S. House


Delaware Progressive Candidates
2020 Delaware progressive candidates are revolutionary!

Delaware Progressive Candidates for State Legislature

State Senate


State House



Candidates in Other States

You may see the 2020 progressive candidates running in other states by clicking on the appropriate state link below.

Presidential Candidates

You may see a list of the most progressive 2020 Presidential candidates at “Progressive Candidates List of 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!” You’ll also find a list of online resources that can help you find progressive downballot candidates running in your area.

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2 thoughts on “The Revolutionary Delaware Progressive Candidates of 2020

  1. Simply said,The American Revolution is undeniably here.
    All factions of protest are unified, to a certain degree. I believe the factions may merge, regardless of
    political affiliation.

    1. Yes. I believe that, too. Maybe instead of being divided left/right, we can think up/down. That is, our greatest differences are not about ideology, but the difference is between upper and lower classes.

      This can be very unifying, as long as the middle class realizes it has a much closer proximity to homelessness than to billionaire yachting. In other words, the 1% does not know them (although, the middle class IS expected to pay their taxes).

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