Democracy Is More Important Than Party

The Republican and Democratic parties need to be reminded that democracy is more important than party, or who becomes President.

Right now… We have a Republican Senate that won’t allow evidence in a trial. We have a Democratic Party that changes, mid-stream, the rules for joining a debate. They are behaving like nothing more than self-interested elites.

The Great American Experiment

Party leaders need to be reminded of what makes the United States unique or great in any way: DEMOCRACY. The United States is the first country in the world that began as a democracy. Thus, the United States was/is called “The Great American Experiment.” The hypothesis was/is that a government can effectively function, and thrive — without ruling elites!

Is it possible for a Government to be permanently maintained without privileged classes… and without either hereditary or self-appointed rulers? Is the democratic principle of equal rights, general suffrage, and government by a majority, capable of being carried into practical operation…?

~ New-York Daily Tribune, November 27, 1860 (just months before the American Civil War began)

The Power of the People

The majority of American People don’t give a Flying-Fig about the careers or personal ambitions of establishment party leaders (would-be members of a Ruling Elite). Contrary to popular D.C. opinion, in which the President’s Administration constitutes the nation, the citizens of the United States consider The People to be our nation. ALL the people (which kindly includes current White House residents and Members of Congress).

Despite low points throughout 250 years of American history, The People remain a democracy. We are ready, willing, and able to quash the power of would-be Ruling Elites.

WE… Stand up. Protest. Exert power. Vote them out. Reform the system. Restore democracy. We revolutionize again, again, and again. We clean it up — wash, and repeat — as often as necessary. We make our country stronger, and more beautiful, than ever. WE ARE the First Democratic Nation.


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