Digital-Only ‘Medicare for All’ National Town Hall Meeting a Milestone in News Delivery

Did you see Bernie Sanders’ live, online “Medicare for All” national town hall meeting last night? It was amazing and fantastic! (But don’t be too remorseful if you missed it, there’s a video of the full event below.)

First of all, THE original digital town hall meeting was well organized and beautifully conducted. TYT host Ana Kasparen began the introduction. (An aside: all Ana’s poise and professionalism cannot hide her utter admiration of Bernie Sanders — which I love about her.) The meeting then proceeded with a series of three panels that I will dub “Moral,” “Smart,” and “Doable.”

  • [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”20″ bg_color=”#ddbf8d” txt_color=”#444444″]”We need health care to move our economy forward.” ~ Jen Kimmich, Alchemist Brewery[/mks_pullquote]Moral – A review of current obstacles to patient treatment
  • Smart – How health care affects the economy-at-large
  • Doable – Health care insights from other countries

In between panel discussions, questions from both the local audience and online viewers were addressed.

But here’s the ultimate “amazing and fantastic” aspect of Bernie Sanders’ first-ever, digital-only national town hall meeting: Mainstream news networks were uninterested in broadcasting it. (Yes, they had first dibs at it). Now, it isn’t that I’m surprised Mainstream doesn’t care to cover Medicare for All. They are corporate-owned and corporate-sponsored, and the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries are two huge sponsors of Mainstream news. What I find amazing is this: corporate media allowed control of the single-payer narrative to slip out of their fingers… forever.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”20″ bg_color=”#ddbf8d” txt_color=”#444444″]”This in fact is an historic event… This is the first nationally televised Senate town meeting that is taking place outside of corporate media.” ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders[/mks_pullquote]In addition, corporate media may have openly revealed their complete reluctance to objectively cover any part of the Progressive Movement.

Just as Bernie turned campaign finance upside-down, by refusing PAC money when he ran for President, now he is turning the news media inside-out. That is, “out” is the new “in.” With an estimated 1.1 million live viewers (and we won’t try to count the numbers watching it on video today), Bernie’s digital town hall meeting marks a milestone in news delivery. Clearly, Americans are learning where to go for news coverage on the issues that they care about.

“The Medicare for All National Town Hall is live from Washington. It’s time to make health care a right.” ~ Senator Bernie Sanders

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