Flint, MI Says ‘Eat the Rich’

The people in Flint, Michigan say: “Eat the rich.” As a smitten fan of real BUT-ter — I think it’s a great idea!

Rich delicacies… the richest for dessert… Creamy and de-ee-LI-cious! (sigh)

Americans deserve to eat the rich! We should eat ultra-rich on holidays, like Fourth of July and Happy New Year.

Better yet, eating the rich should be an everyday right! (I’ll talk to Bernie.)

Personally, I remain on ready-standby to devour the rich. Let me tell you about the time I noticed a large chunk of crispy rice treat on the wrong side of the sidewalk (which was across the street)… SCREECH!… CrUnCh!… I swear to DOG, that treat was made with real BUT-ter….

~ Chester, Canine News & Views


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