The Fun of Tweeting Advice to the High & Mighty

I’ve begun tweeting instructive, progressive YouTube videos directly to Donald Trump, or Nancy Pelosi, or whomever. Maybe some of their followers will watch the shows, and experience a political epiphany!

My style is polite and respectful, coming across as if I innocently think he/she may be interested, and uses serious hashtags. Then I end with something like, “Show the Dems (or GOP) how to do it!” It’s just nice, clean, reverse-propaganda. An example:

I never look back, thus ignoring any and all nasty responders. I will mute, if necessary.

So far, however, it looks like I’m the one being ignored. Which must mean people are busy watching the video. That’s cool, and the anticipation of response makes it all the more fun!

(Please, PLEASE give my tweet a on Twitter!)

You and I know this “instructional campaign” is tongue-in-cheek… but what the heck. It makes online activism fun. Everyone needs to have some FUN during the corona quarantine, and who doesn’t LOVE giving advice??? (Especially to the high and mighty!)

In conclusion…

Dear Readers, I hope you’re safe and well these days, and also enjoying some homemade fun. Tell us, in the comments below, how and what you’re doing during the corona stay-at-home. Don’t stay out of too much trouble!


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