The Great MLK Liked Dogs

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day! MLK liked dogs, and dogs liked him.

There’s a story. When MLK was arrested in Florida, in 1964, he was stashed into the back seat of a police car. Smart alec cops pushed a big German Shepherd police dog in with him…

Canine police officer and Dr. Martin Luther King.

While intended to intimidate Dr. King, the dog instead lowered his ears, softened his eyes and appears to lean on King. Many observers said it appeared the pair “became fast friends.”

~ Lucky & Lady Superior Pet Boarding & Day Care

Lucky and Lady go on to say that MLK’s wife, Coretta Scott King, later became a vegetarian and advocated for animal rights. King’s son, Dexter, became a vegan.

Dogs don’t care about color, money, or brains. We canines are attracted to human kindness, which we celebrate on Martin Luther King Day.

~ Chester, Canine News & Views

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