“Hello” Again From Progressive Graffiti

Wall graffiti Cool Cat says "Hello!"


Dear Readers,

You may have wondered where I’ve been.

First, I updated the site’s design. It required a load of time, and brain burn, to iron out the resulting problems that were generated. After extensive searching and experimentation, I found a satisfactory theme (actually, the great “Neve” WordPress theme), and restored search engine optimization (SEO) and lightening-fast page loads. Yea!

Then, I got a stomach ache. The lower-right part of my abdomen began to feel strained, even painful. I decided to wait 24 hours, to allow this ailment enough time to go away. However. Appendicitis does NOT go away. An inflamed appendix needs to be surgically removed. TIP: Giving your infected appendix enough time to rupture… is a bad, bad mistake. If you survive, it means a longer hospital stay and a very unpleasant recovery. (I spare you the details.) But the wonderful news is that modern medical intervention was successful, my lifespan has been officially extended, and I’m now feeling pretty darn good. Look: I’m blogging!

Finally, I signed up for “The Nation Festival.” It starts in 10 minutes and lasts through Saturday. What is this digital conference all about? It aims to build synergy throughout the progressive movement. Or, as the tagline says, “Reimagining America.” Speakers include everyone from Senator Bernie Sanders (my hero), to Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir (also a crime fiction aficionado), to travel guru Rick Steves (I love his travel documentaries and knew he had to be a progressive!) Follow the festival, with the video below:

Editorial director and publisher of The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel, launches Day 1 of “The Nation Festival.”

Soon, and very soon indeed, you may expect meaningful Progressive Graffiti updates to resume at Be on the lookout for an important article about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, from contributor Real Representation. And don’t miss my clever meme about worker-owned co-ops. It’s all good.

Health, Peace, Prosperity, and Joy to Everyone!

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