The Revolutionary Illinois Progressive Candidates of 2020

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The Illinois Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Find the most revolutionary Illinois progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Fully supports Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: November 4, 2019

Illinois Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. Senate

Marilyn Jordan Lawlor for U.S. Senate

Marilyn Jordan Lawlor (D) – “Choose Love for People and Planet.” Medicare for All • Take Money Out of Politics • Overturn Citizens United • Abolish Super PACs • Public Funded Elections • Ranked Choice Voting • End Voter Suppression • End Gerrymandering • Reinstate Glass-Steagall Act • Postal Banking • Tax Reform • Green New Deal • Free Public Higher Education • Cancel Student Loan Debt • Criminal Justice Reform • Ban Private Prisons • Decriminalize Addiction and Sex Work • Legalize Cannabis • Abolish Death Penalty • Universal Child Care • Women’s Rights • Workplace Democracy • $15 Minimum Wage • Immigration Reform • Veterans and Seniors Support • Gun Safety • Foreign Policy Based on Diplomacy and Human Rights • Restore Economic Power to Puerto Rico • Native American Sovereignty • Accepts No Corporate Money

Dark money in politics is the single greatest threat to democracy, equality, justice, human rights, the health of our planet and world peace. Getting money out of politics is the single most powerful way for us to achieve all of our policy goals.

~ Marilyn Jordan Lawlor

U.S. House

IL-01 Robert Emmons for U.S House

Robert Emmons (D) – “We Are the Solution.” Medicare for All • End Gun Violence • Economic Justice and Development • Human Rights Protections for All • Climate Justice • Green New Deal • Public Education • Guaranteed Universal Pre-K • Criminal Justice Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-03 Marie Newman for U.S. House

Marie Newman (D) – “#NewDay for Illinois.” Medicare for All • Economy that Works for All • $15 Minimum Wage • Empower Unions • Public Transportation • Universal Childcare • Paid Family Leave • Immigration Reform • Rebuild Infrastructure • Money Out of Politics • Green New Deal • Gun Reform • Assault Weapons Ban • Education that Leads to Real Jobs • Small and New Businesses • Equal Rights for All • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-07 Anthony Clark for U.S. House

Anthony Clark (D) – “All Power to the People.” Medicare for All • Housing as a Human Right • Diplomacy Over War • Federal Jobs Guarantee • Gun Control • Assault Weapons Ban • Criminal Justice Reform • End Private Prisons • Immigration Justice • Abolish ICE • Clean Campaign Finance • Public Education • Tuition Free Public College and Trade School • Student Debt Cancellation • Women’s Rights • LGBTQIA+ Rights • Expand Social Security Benefits • Break Up Big Banks • Decriminalization of Sex Work • Veteran Protections • End War on Drugs • Legalization of Cannabis • Racial Justice • Reparations for Slavery • Disability Rights • Counter Domestic Terrorism • Animal Protections and Anti-Cruelty • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-07 Kina Collins for U.S. House

Kina Collins (D) – “Equity. Inclusion. Transformation.” Medicare for All • Gun Violence Prevention • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • Reproductive Rights • Criminal Justice Reform • $15 Minimum Wage • Green New Deal • Public Education • Rights and Protections for All • Voting Rights • Tax Reform • Campaign Finance Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-09 Andrew Heldut for U.S. House

Andrew Heldut (D) – “We Can Do Better.” Medicare for All • Big Money Out of Politics • Public Funded Campaigns • Affordable Housing • $15 Minimum Wage • Expand Social Security Benefits • Gun Safety • Assault Weapons Ban • Green New Deal • Free Higher Education • One-Time Alleviation of All Student Loans • Small Business Initiative • Eliminate Electoral College • Marijuana Legalization • Support Infrastructure, Technology and Privacy • Immigration Reform • Women’s Rights • Equal Pay • Expand Veterans’ Benefits • LGBTQ+ Equality • Criminal Justice Reform • Abolish Death Penalty • Economic Equality for People With Disabilities • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-10 Adam Broad for U.S. House

Adam Broad (D) – “We Can Be Greater Than Our Past.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Clean Air, Water, and Energy • Labor Unions • No More Wars • End For-Profit Prisons • Immigration Reform • Abolish ICE • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-10 Andrew Wang for U.S. House

Andrew Wang (D) – “100% Progressive.” Medicare for All • Climate Action • Green New Deal • Ranked Choice Voting • Public Funded Elections • $15 Minimum Wage Indexed to Inflation • Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining • Paid Family Leave • Paid Sick Leave • Public Education • Free College Tuition • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness • Gun Control • Criminal Justice Reform • Immigration Reform • End Endless Wars • Break Up Big Tech Companies • Accepts No Corporate Money

IL-11 Rachel Ventura for U.S. House

Rachel Ventura (D) – “No Strings Attached.” Medicare for All • Big Money Out of Politics • Green New Deal • Immigration Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

[Immigration] is an issue that should be uniting Americans. If undocumented workers have a reasonable path towards citizenship, the exploitation should stop and the undercutting of wages should strengthen our economy for all workers. Increased penalties for companies who exploit undocumented workers should include jail time. It is time to send a clear message that it is not okay to profit off the suffering and desperation of others.

~ Rachel Ventura

IL-13 Stefanie Smith for U.S. House

Stefanie Smith (D) – “Death to Apathy, Not the Planet.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Immigration Reform • Reproductive Rights • LGBTQ Equality • Living Wage • Tuition Free Public Universities • Anti-War and Anti-Imperialism • Sex Work Decriminalization • End Gun Violence • Paid Domestic Violence Leave • Housing Is Human Right • Accepts No Corporate Money

Illinois Progressive Candidates
2020 Illinois progressive candidates are revolutionary!

Illinois Progressive Candidates for State Legislature

State Senate


State House



Candidates in Other States

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Presidential Candidates

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