The Revolutionary New Hampshire Progressive Candidates of 2020

New Hampshire Progressive Candidates

The New Hampshire Democratic Primary is held on September 8, 2020. Find the most revolutionary New Hampshire progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Supports single-payer Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: June 13, 2020

New Hampshire Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. Senate

US Senate Thomas Sharpe for U.S. Senate

Thomas Sharpe (Progressive Bull Moose Party) – Medicare for All (Single-Payer) • Election Reform • Wall Street and Corporate Reform • Congressional and Judicial Term Limits • Environmental Reform • Women’s Rights • Immigration Reform • Free Public College Tuition • Decriminalize Personal Possession • Outlaw Private Prisons • Accepts No Corporate Money

U.S. House


New Hampshire Progressive Candidates
2020 New Hampshire progressive candidates are revolutionary!

Candidates in Other States

See the 2020 progressive candidates running in other states by clicking on the state links below.

Presidential Candidates

Find a list of the most progressive 2020 Presidential candidates at “Progressive Candidates List of 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!

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