The Revolutionary New Jersey Progressive Candidates of 2020

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The New Jersey Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Find the most revolutionary New Jersey progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Supports single-payer Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: November 6, 2019

New Jersey Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. Senate


U.S. House

NJ-04 Jim Keady for U.S. House — Maybe!

NJ-06 Russ Cirincione for U.S. House

Russ Cirincione (D) – “A Bold Vision for America.” Medicare for All • End Corruption in Politics • Green New Deal • Tuition Free Public College • Student Loan Debt Cancellation • Racial Justice • Prison Reform • Expunge all Possessions Convictions • Double Social Security Benefits • Labor Unions • Federal Jobs Guarantee • Modernize Democracy (Instant Polling) • Eliminate Electoral College • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave, Vacation, Sick Leave • Universal Child Care • Abolish ICE • Return to Peace Foreign Policy • Gun Control • Assault Weapons Ban • Living Wage Tied to Inflation • Fair Tax Plan • End Homelessness • Voting Rights • Internet Freedom • Unseat Frank Pallone • Accepts No Corporate Money

NJ-06 Zac Roeill for U.S. House

Zac Roeill (D) – “Bringing the Political Revolution to New Jersey” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Free Public Higher Education • Eliminate Student Loan Debt • End War on Drugs • Rejects Corporate Money

NJ-06 Javahn Walker for U.S. House

Javahn Walker (D) – “A Future Built By Our Own Hands.” Medicare for All • Public Education • Scrap the Cap (Social Security) • Tax Reform • Big Money Out of Politics • Federal Jobs Guarantee • Exit Tax on Companies that Outsource and Offshore Jobs • Reproductive Rights • Gender Equality • Green New Deal • Gun Safety • Assault Weapons Ban • Gun Buyback Program • Congressional Term Limits • Net Neutrality • Internet Privacy • Restore Glass-Steagall Act • Postal Banking • Cancel All Outstanding Student Debt Loans • Eliminate Interest on Student Loans • $15 Minimum Wage • Pay Ratio Cap • Criminal Justice Reform • High-Speed Rail • Voter Rights • Immigration Rights • Agriculture and Farming • Improve Nutrition Assistance Programs • Require GMO Labels • Expand Veterans’ Benefits • Accepts No Corporate Money

NJ-08 Hector Oseguera for U.S. House

Hector Oseguera (D) – “We Deserve Better!” Medicare for All • End War on Drugs • Green New Deal • Support Public Education • Affordable Housing • Rejects Corporate Money

NJ-09 Zina Spezakis or U.S. House

Zina Spezakis (D) – “We Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Regulate Pharmaceutical Industry • Fair Taxes • Public Education • Free Public College • Student Debt Forgiveness • Social Security Funding • End Corporate Subsidies for Bad Actors • Women’s Rights • Racial Justice • LGBTQ+ Rights • Immigration Reform • Gun Control • Peace as Only Sustainable Solution • Campaign Finance Reform • Marijuana Legalization • Accepts No Corporate Money

NJ-10 John Flora for U.S. House

John Flora (D) – “United by Our Future.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Raise Capital Gains Tax • Campaign Finance Reform • Civil Rights • End Systemic Racism • Create Government Climate Change Agency • Paid Parental Leave • Gun Reform • Prevent Homelessness • Immigration Reform • Congressional Term Limits • Rejects Corporate Money

New Jersey Progressive Candidates
2020 New Jersey progressive candidates are revolutionary!

New Jersey Progressive Candidates for State Legislature

State Senate


General Assembly

LD-26 Christine Clarke for State Assembly

Christine Clarke (D) is endorsed by… Action Together New Jersey • Biological Diversity Action Fund • New Jersey League of Conservation Voters • New Jersey State AFL-CIO • Our Revolution • Pam’s List • Progressive Change Campaign Committee • Sierra Club • SOMA Action


Candidates in Other States

You may see the 2020 progressive candidates running in other states by clicking on the appropriate state link below.

Presidential Candidates

You may see a list of the most progressive 2020 Presidential candidates at “Progressive Candidates List of 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!” You’ll also find a list of online resources that can help you find progressive downballot candidates running in your area.

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