Challenge: Plunge In (To Your Wallet) for a Progressive Congress

It’s easy to elect unbought representatives to do the work of democracy for you. (It’s hard to protest in the streets, get arrested, or fired for missing work.)

There are many unbought 2020 volunteers, or candidates, willing to do the heavy-lifting in Washington D.C. You know they’re unbought because they reject corporate money and they support single-payer Medicare for All.

However, until we have public-funded elections, we must plunge into our wallets to support the campaigns of unbought political candidates. Therefore, I have a challenge for you. (Or an idea, framework, or reminder.)


Since a progressive Congress will represent all Americans, living in all 50 states, your challenge is to contribute cash to 5 or 6 different progressive candidates each month. For instance…

  • $3 for your state’s progressive U.S. Senate candidate
  • $3 for your district’s progressive U.S. House candidate
  • $3 for a progressive U.S. House candidate outside your state district
  • $3 for a favorite progressive national candidate from another state
  • $3 for a different progressive national candidate each month

Go crazy, add a contribution to your favored progressive presidential candidate. A progressive Congress will be supporting him or her.

  • $5 for the progressive presidential candidate of your choice

… plus or minus the dollar amount, or number of candidates supported. By donating through ActBlue, which most progressive candidates use for their donations, every penny you donate goes to the candidate (no fees or percentages syphoned off) — so even a $1 helps.

Challenge: Plunge In (To Your Wallet) for a Progressive Congress 1
Toss in a few coins. Turn the kitty into a progressive tiger!

I hope you’ll accept this challenge for a Progressive Congress. If you do, please pass it on. The number of people up to the challenge is more important than the number of dollars involved. There are so many progressives out there, even small dollars will transform into big dollars, like magic.

For your convenience, here are links to all the unbought progressive candidates running for national office in 2020:

A steaming cup of coffee

Would I Enjoy a Cup of Coffee?

Yes, please! Thanks for the support!


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