My Prayer During Corona Crisis and Beyond

What are you doing during the coronavirus pandemic and isolation? Right now, I’m praying a prayer.

Dear God, protect our loved ones and all people around the world. Help people fully recover from COVID-19. Help your scientists find a cure. Deliver us from this pestilence. And move us beyond.

Our Father Who art in Heaven…
Thy will be done,
On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

When asked about the wondrous miracles He performed, Jesus said: “All these things you will do, and more.”

Jesus lived a life that was sociable and generous, and it’s seems like He meant, “Not just me, but us, all together… get to perform miracles.”

There is holistic synergy, as we heal, we multiply loaves and fishes, we tend to the poor, we free prisoners, “and more.”

May miracles flow now, and always. Amen.

Winged heart graffiti with the word "Prayer"
Praying during corona crisis.

During the corona crisis, we try to be wise. We wash hands, stay home, pray, talk on the phone, catch up on reading and dreaming. We envision the world beyond today. Meanwhile, may miracles of safety, healing, and provision flow to everyone who needs them.

Please share your visions, prayers, and miracles in the comments below. Peace. ❤️


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8 thoughts on “My Prayer During Corona Crisis and Beyond”

  1. It is just so hard for Far-Right Christians to think, feel or support anything that works for the common good. Sadly their harsh example has alienated many youth from Christianity. As the Far-Righters have left behind Christian principles they cannot provide a sensibility that is compatible with the heart or actions of Christian spirit.

  2. realrepresentation

    The return of the ten plagues will signal the coming of the Jewish Messiah (a different guy from J.C.) according to something I ran across. The locust swarms should qualify.

  3. realrepresentation

    Initially my thought was that this is exactly the type of plague that the god of the Old Testament is known for inflicting on mankind as punishment. Punishment for what? How about not treating our fellow human beings like we would like to be treated? Americans in particular are spectacular failures in that regard. It’s a feature of American capitalist culture, not a bug.

    1. Far-Right Christians haven’t declared COVID-29 is punishment from God… because they are just as susceptible! But speaking of plagues of Biblical proportions, how about the locust swarms in Eastern Africa?

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