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Progressive Candidates List of 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!

Progressive is the future. So here’s my comprehensive list of the most progressive candidates of 2020, beginning with progressive presidential candidates. All the political contenders within the pages of this list are ultimate progressives — with no fooling around, they meet BOTH the following criteria:

  1. No corporate money
  2. Full support of Medicare for All

Last updated on April 17, 2019

No Corporate Money

It’s vital for American voters to elect public servants who accept NO corporate money. Our representatives must be free of conflicts of interest. They must be free to serve the public, without obligation to wealthy donors.

How may we evaluate a candidate’s freedom from Big Money? First, he or she refuses to accept corporate PAC money. They also abstain from fund-raising dinners and events that target wealthy individuals or special interest groups (a practice called “bundling”). They certainly do not consult with Wall Street executives before launching a political campaign. And they have a record that shows fund-raising behaviors that are consistent with professed values — for at least one previous election cycle, if an incumbent. (See OpenSecrets.)

Medicare for All: Full Support

Full support of Medicare for All is considered to be the “litmus test” of genuine progressive politicians. Many (so-called) progressives claim they support it, but how can we tell if they’re sincere?

First, take note of the difference in meaning between phrases like “health care for all,” “access to affordable health care,” “pubic option,” “protecting the ACA,” or making incremental “steps toward” some kind of universal health care — compared to clear-cut support for Medicare for All. The substitute phrases always indicate a watered-down version of Medicare for All.

Second, in the real deal, Medicare for All eliminates insurance companies from our health care system. Because health care is a human right, and need, its provision is incompatible with a free-market business model. For when it comes to buying health insurance, what choice does the consumer really have? Without it, you face much greater risk of disability and/or shorter lifespan. Medicare for All ends this dilemma.


Progressive Candidates 2020 Nationwide; a Multi-Page List

Progressive presidential candidates are featured right here, on the hub page of my list. To see lists of the progressive candidates running for U.S. Senate or House of Representatives, as well as those running for state Senate or House seats, scroll to the state links below.

A brief platform summary lets you quickly see the full range of policies that a candidate supports. For more detail, click on a candidate’s name in order to link to his or her campaign website.

This list is a living document. Check back often. Until the 2020 election takes place, it will be frequently updated.

Progressive Presidential Candidates

The following 2020 progressive candidates are running for the office of U.S. President. Their campaigns are divorced from corporate money, and they fully support Medicare for All.

Tulsi Gabbard (D) – “love and service to unite our country.” Tulsi Gabbard supports… Policy platform is pending official publication.

Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020

Mike Gravel (D) – “Ending all wars.” Mike Gravel plans to drop out of the race after the Democratic debates, and endorse Bernie Sanders. He supports… Foreign Policy of Peace • Ending Nuclear Threat • Non-Aggression Abroad • Departments of Peace and War • Military Spending Cuts • International Justice • Ending Support for Saudi Arabia • Accepts No Corporate Money • Economic Equality • American National Fund • $15 Minimum Wage • Antitrust Enforcement • National Reparations Trust Fund • Sex Workers Protections • Public Education • Free Pre-K • Free College Tuition • Student Debt Jubilee • Parental Leave • Free Child Care • Medicare for All • Guaranteed Jobs Program • Labor Unions • Corporate Law Reform • Green New Deal • Public Banking • Worker Cooperatives • Progressive Tax Reform • End War on Drugs • Abolish Death Penalty • Police Accountability • Prison Reform • Immigration Reform • Americans with Disabilities • Whistleblowers Amnesty • Free Public-Owned Internet • Abolish Electoral College • Overturn Citizens United • Ranked Choice Voting • Term Limits for Federal Judges • Self-Determination for D.C., Puerto Rico, and Other Territories • Big Money out of politics

Sen. Mike Gravel aims to join the Democratic Party primary debates.

Bernie Sanders (I) – “Not me. Us.” Bernie Sanders supports… Medicare for All • Free College Tuition • $15 Minimum Wage • Universal Childcare and Pre-K • Equal Pay • Pro-Choice • Unions and Collective Bargaining • Green Jobs Program • Guaranteed Jobs Program • Social Security Expansion • Green New Deal • Climate Action • Veteran Benefits Expansion • Diplomacy First Foreign Policy • Stop Endless Wars • Military Spending Reductions • Disability Persons Protections • LBGQT Equality • Rebuild Puerto Rico • Wealthy Pay Fair Share Taxes • Commonsense Gun Reform • Criminal Justice Reform • Racial Justice • Immigration Reform • Native American Rights • Wall Street Reform • Investment in Rural America • Fair Trade Policies that Support Workers • Public Education and Teachers • Accepts No Corporate Money • Big Money Out of Politics • Restoration of Democracy

Bernie Sanders for President 2020

Marianne Williamson (D) – “Join the evolution.” Marianne Williamson supports… Child Advocacy • Universal Pre-K • Green New Deal • Climate Action • Renewable Energy • Climate Justice • Crime & Violence Prevention • Diplomacy-First Foreign Policy • Disabled Persons Protections • Economic Justice • Accepts No Corporate Money • End Corporate Welfare • End Gerrymandering • End Homelessness • Environmental Protections • Equal Pay • Fight Opiate Crisis • Food Safety • Free College Tuition • Gun Control • Immigration reform • Human Rights & Equality for All • Reproductive Rights • Medicare for All • Military Reduction • National Service • Native American Reconciliation • Paid Vacation Time, Sick Time, Family Leave & Childcare • Prison Reform • Prisoner Rehabilitation • Public Funded Elections • Public Schools • Racial Reconciliation • Rebuild Infrastructure • Reproductive Rights • Social Security Protections • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness • Tax Corporations and Billionaires Fair Share • Unions and Collective Bargaining • Veteran Benefits Expansion • Voting Rights • World Peace Advocacy • Big Money Out of Politics
SEE: Marianne Williamson for President: A Bold Progressive Platform

Abortion is a moral issue, but in my mind, it is an issue of private, not public morality. I do not believe the government of the United States has the right to legislate our private morals.

~ Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson for President 2020

Andrew Yang (D) – “Humanity first.” Andrew Yang supports… Social Capitalism • Universal Basic Income • Big Money Out of Politics • Accepts No Corporate Money • Campaign Finance Reform • Climate Action • End War on Drugs • Environmental Protections • Equal Pay • Equality of Economic Opportunity • Expand Veteran Benefits • Fight Opiate Crisis •  Free College Tuition • Guaranteed Federal Jobs Program • Gun Control • Immigration reform • Human Rights and Equality for All • Journalism and Independent News •  Marijuana Legalization • Puerto Rico Statehood •  Medicare for All • Net neutrality • Paid Family Leave • Police Reform • Post Office Banking Services •  Prison Reform • Pro-Choice • Public Funded Elections • Rebuild Infrastructure • Reform Military • Renewable Energy • Social Security Expansion • Student Loan Reform •  Universal Pre-K • Value-Added Tax • Arts and Humanities

Andrew Yang for President 2020

POLL: Favored Progressive Presidential Candidates

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the ultimate progressive presidential candidates, which one are you rooting for most to win in the 2020 election? Cast an early “vote” for him or her in the poll below.

Your ultimate progressive choices are: military veteran Tulsi Gabbard, former Alaska senator Mike Gravel, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, international speaker and author Marianne Williamson, and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Which progressive presidential candidate do you favor?

National & State Progressive Candidates

2020 progressive candidates running for U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives, as well those running for state Senate or House positions, are listed according to state. Click on any state to link to a list of its most progressive candidates. (Coming soon.)

Dist. of Columbia


New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York (Nat’l)
New York (State)
North Carolina
North Dakota

Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


Democratic Primary Debates

In addition to a candidate’s policies and past record, we also assess how she or he debates an opponent. There will be twelve debates during the Democratic Primary process. Tentatively, they will begin in June of 2019 and continue through April of 2020.

Further Candidate Research

The following resources may further aid your research on progressive candidates.

Author: JoAnn Chateau

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