The Revolutionary Georgia Progressive Candidates of 2020

Georgia Progressive Candidates

The Georgia Democratic Primary is held on June 9, 2020. Find the most revolutionary Georgia progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Supports single-payer Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: August 12, 2020

Georgia Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. Senate

Tamara Johnson Shealey for U.S. Senate – Special election November 3, 2020

Tamara Johnson Shealy (D) – “Taking a Bold Agenda to Washington.” Medicare for All • Establish Federal Agency for American Descendants of Slavery • Climate Justice • Criminal Justice Reform • Gun Control • Fund Public Education • Free Public Higher Education • Cancel Student Loan Debt • Revitalize Rural Georgia • Restore Voting Rights Act • Pathway to Citizenship • Women’s Rights • LGBTQ+ Rights • Commission for Beauty and Barber Industry • Accepts No Corporate Money

U.S. House

GA-01 Lisa Ring for U.S. House

Lisa Ring (D) – “Our Children Deserve a Just Society.” Medicare for All • Veterans and Service Members • Environmental Protections • Big Money Out of Politics • Public Education • Workers’ Rights • Racial Justice • Women’s Rights • Criminal Justice Reform • Gun Control • LGBTQIA+ Rights • Immigration Reform • Net Neutrality • Military as Last Resort Foreign Policy • Marijuana Legalization • Voter Protections • Accepts No Corporate Money

GA-08 Jimmy Cooper for U.S. House

Jimmy Cooper (G) – “Bringing Americans Together for the Common Good.” Medicare for All • Green New Deal • Thriving Wages • Employment as a Right • Universal Basic Income • Public Education • Tuition Free College • Abolish Student Loan Debt • Civil Rights and Equality • Care for Wounded/Disable Veterans • Criminal Justice Reform • Gun Safety • Campaign and Election Reform • Progressive Taxation for the Common Good • Peace Tax Option • American Owned Money • Peace and Diplomacy • Accepts No Corporate Money

GA-14 Kevin Van Ausdal for U.S. House

Kevin Van Ausdal (D) – “Making Washington Work for the People!” Medicare for All • Expand Social Security • Tax Reform • Living Wages • Prevent Gun Violence • Environmental Protections • Money Out of Politics • Labor Unions • Workers’ Rights • Expand Veteran Benefits • Stop Endless Wars • Public Education • Free School Lunches • Tuition Free State College • Free and Fair Elections • Legalize Marijuana • Rural Revitalization • Immigration Reform • Smart Border Security • Accepts No Corporate Money

Georgia Progressive Candidates
2020 Georgia progressive candidates are revolutionary!

Candidates in Other States

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Presidential Candidates

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