Richard Ojeda: Progressive Political Warrior
Richard Ojeda wearing a red "Unbroken" t-shirt.

Richard Ojeda: Progressive Political Warrior

A Saturday morning treat for Progressives: Richard Ojeda (D-WV).

After serving 24 years in the U.S. Army, this man was shocked to return home and find the greatest nation on earth riddled with homelessness and opiates. So Ojeda “signed up” for politics. In the mood for public service mixed with courage? Ojeda is the political warrior for you.

We’ve got people that call themselves leaders, that can’t spell it. They think “leader” means you’re standing on top of a mountain looking down at everybody and they’re supposed to do everything to make you better. Where I come from the leader is down there with the people trying to elevate them. Where I come from, you don’t eat until your troops are fed. I’m a paratrooper. The first person out that aircraft is the leader.

~ Richard Ojeda

TYT Politics Contributor Ryan Grim spoke with Democratic congressional candidate Richard Ojeda about medical cannabis, the West Virginia teacher’s strike, and how Ojeda’s 24 years of military service inspired him to run for West Virginia Senate and now for U.S. Congress.

~ Rebel HQ

Ojeda is currently running for U.S. Congress in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District. Here’s one of his campaign ads.

See more of Ojeda’s videos on his Youtube channel.

Politics as a Noble Profession

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