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2016 Elections

Bernie-Mania Spreads to Texas

Bernie-Mania Spreads to Texas as Sanders’ Speech Draws Crowd of 5,000 “The Democratic presidential hopeful’s fans showed up long before the doors opened and bellowed their approval once inside, as he spoke for more than an hour in front of 5,000 people, concluding a weekend in which he […]

2016 Elections

Bernie Sanders Receives Media Respect

Bernie Sanders is getting more positive attention than most people expected. For example, when he first announced his run for president, TYT rather dissed his effort. Now they are covering the Sanders campaign with respect. “When it comes to filling a venue, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is not […]

2016 Elections

Millennials Support Bernie Sanders for Prez

Bernie Sanders Could Change the World Primary season is six months away but millennial Facebook users have already selected their candidate… […] The evidence is almost irrefutable now that that the Millennials, who communicate constantly via Facebook and other social networks, have chosen Vermont Independent/socialist senator Bernie Sanders […]