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Emmanuel Macron Exhibits Admirable Character Traits, Fascinates World

Emmanuel Macron is the new President of France. He possesses admirable character traits, and the world is watching...


Action Alert: Save the New South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act

This Action Alert regards South Dakota. In one of my favorite outcomes of the 2016 Election, South Dakota passed the first state-wide Anti-Corruption Act in the United States. Almost immediately it came under attack from the SD Republican legislators. This week they called a state of emergency in order to nullify the new ethics law. Care to oppose the legislative machinations going on in South Dakota? Add your voice. Read on.


Anti-Corruption Wins of the 2016 Election

Represent.Us and people around the country worked hard to beat corruption -- and won! South Dakota became the first state to pass an Anti-corruption Act. 12 other communities throughout the U.S. followed suit.


Representation Day 2016: One Nation United to Fix Corruption

April 15th: Anti-corruption action group Represent.Us has organized Representation Day 2016. Anti-Corruption Acts are already headed to the ballot in 2 states. Your state could be next. Find an event near you.

Representation Day 2016: One Nation United to Fix Corruption was originally published on Aware & Fair


Will You Risk Arrest to Save Democracy? Sign-Up for D.C. Sit-In Coming this April

Big Money in Politics is a curse on the United States. No other issue or problem can be seriously addressed until Congress represents American voters, instead of wealthy donors. Sit-In with Thousands. Save Democracy for Millions. (Link) The folks at Democracy Spring are organizing a massive act of civil disobedience scheduled for April in order ...


Trump Courted Mega-Donors He Now Scorns (Video & Link)

It is said that presidential candidate Donald Trump is popular because he is anti-establishment. But is he really? The established way of winning in politics is with Big Money, and it is no secret that Big Donations have been useful to Trump in the past. He has publicly boasted how his previous donations to Hillary Clinton ...


Brazil Bans Corporate Money In Politics (Video)

After a long investigation into charges of corruption, the Brazilian Supreme Court has banned corporate donations from elections. Corruption in politics is problematic around the globe, and many countries already ban corporate donations. Now Brazil has taken a strong anti-corruption stand. Dare we hope that the United States will be next? The Young Turks Discuss ...


Clinton to Unveil Campaign Finance Reform Plan (Link)

A corrupt political system cannot be ignored in our 2016 Presidential Race, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is on the right track. Today she will reveal her campaign finance reform plan.  Clinton to Unveil Campaign Finance Reform Plan (Link) Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton will propose a slate of campaign finance reform policies on Tuesday ...


Wolf-PAC Gaining Ground In Missouri (Video)

Cenk Uyger gives an update on the anti-corruption work Wolf-PAC* is doing in Missouri. A resolution for free and fair elections made it through the Missouri Senate, but there was not enough time to get it through the House. Next year looks hopeful. While arguing for the resolution, Sen. Bob Dixon (R-MO) coined the descriptive ...