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Do These 10 Things, and Trump Will Be Toast | Michael Moore

Progressives and Democrats will enjoy Moore’s focus on ousting the current Prez from office. All others? Adapt Moore’s strategy as necessary. We all need to be involved citizens. There is plenty of common ground for Conservatives and Progressives to work on together (like getting Big Money out of politics). Let’s get cracking! Find the Michael Moore grassroots political action plan below…


#BerniesBrigade: A Twitter Storm

At 6:30 PM I participated in the Twitter Storm for #BerniesBrigade, which was organized by the Reddit Sanders for President group. The Motivation As you may know, mainstream media tend to ignore Bernie. So the Reddit Sanders for President group aimed to balance that out. “If the media will […]


Ready to fight political corruption? Raise your hand, and we’ll help you make it happen:. — Represent.Us Raise Your Hand In Support of a Local Anti-Corruption Act Straight from the Represent.Us ‘Raise Your Hand’ page. Maybe you will raise your hand? – – – – – – – […]