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“Can’t Stop The Feeling” | Rethink Homelessness

After years of homelessness, people express how it feels to finally have a home - with music and dance!


It Just Became Legal For The Homeless TO STEAL Food! | Redacted Tonight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZO4xi2W1UU "An Italian judge made an incredible ruling last week. He overturned the conviction of a homeless man who was caught stealing a small amount of food from a grocery store because he was starving. Also, the judge ruled that Italian men can’t wear speedos in public anymore!... Alright fine, the speedo part isn’t true... ...


Mobile Showers for the Homeless in San Francisco (Video)

There are thousands of homeless people living in San Francisco. The city has not yet figured out what to do with them. (Unlike Utah.) Meanwhile, Lava Mae is "delivering dignity one shower at a time." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AekgQuQ8uTM Lava Mae is a nonprofit with an interesting idea. They convert old donated city buses into mobile shower units ...


Manhattan Soup Kitchen Has Open Doors for Homeless People AND Their Pets (Link)

New York City soup kitchen Collide recognizes the interdependent relationship of homeless people and their pets. They feed both!   One Soup Kitchen Is Opening Its Doors To Homeless Pets (Link) In a city where 8.4 million call home, more than 52,000 people sleep in a homeless shelter and at least 3,200 additional people sleep on the ...


Planned Parenthood, Cluster Bombs, Climate Change Fail – Act Out! August 12, 2015 (Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6vrXWgkHTU This week, here’s 4 things about the Planned Parenthood debacle to put them and their work into perspective. Next up, let's talk Britney Spears and cluster bombs, yep, seriously. It's art vs. the military industrial complex with Bob Paris and The Cluster Project. Then we offer up a Presidential low life scum award thanks ...


Creative Activism Par Excellence – Act Out! July 29, 2015

The Under Exposed, DARK GMO’s, & Shakespeare vs BP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh2tlj3CHwM "This week, Aaron Draper invites you to see the humanity in the homeless via external flashes and light boxes. Next, Congress is peddling poison and wants to keep you in the DARK. BP or not BP, that is the question. And finally, the TPP heads ...


Anti-Homeless Veteran’s Surge

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBRw5X_aYn8 "Rethink Homelessness teams up with the VA for our Veteran's Surge." -- Rethink Homelessness


Baltimore Restaurant to Serve the Homeless for 5 Nights of Fine Dining

This Restaurant Is Inviting Only The Homeless For 5 Nights Of Fine Dining For most restaurant owners in the city of Baltimore, Restaurant Week (July 20-25th) marks a key opportunity to regain lost business after a period of civil unrest. For those that aren’t familiar with what happened, a series of civilian protests broke out in the city, ...


Utah Eliminates Homelessness – What’s the Psychology?

Utah eliminates homeless by providing homes to the homeless. Since Utah is known for being ultra-conservative, what might be the psychology behind such a progressive policy? Here's the part of the conversation that's really, really interesting, because now we get to psychology and motivation. What led Utah to do this? Utah is one of the ...

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