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World Day Against Child Labour 2017

Today is World Day Against Child Labour 2017. The focus is on child laborers who live in areas that are afflicted by conflict and disaster...

Black Lives Matter founders

Black Lives Matter Is Awarded the 2017 Sydney Peace Prize

Human rights group Black Lives Matter has been honored with the 2017 Sydney Peace Prize...

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Act Out! [111] – How & Why the UN Fails + A Very Unhappy Birthday to Corporate Personhood | Occupy

Eleanor Goldfield on 1) The current state of human rights. 2) Corporate personhood and its historical background...

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Where Does Standing Rock Stand? | The Chester Chronicles

Chester makes his debut as canine chronicler of the news. He did a story on the Standing Rock Water Protectors, and he really dug into the research...


‘Miracles Are Happening:’ Photos of the Tireless Women of Standing Rock | Vice Broadly

Caretakers and creators of beauty. Photojournalist Celine Guiout captures the peaceful conviction, strength and resolve of Native American women who acted as Water Protectors during months of protest at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.


Today is the Birthday of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera

"President Obama has the power before he leaves office to grant Oscar clemency, returning him to his family and home in Puerto Rico. Time is quickly running out and if Oscar is not pardoned by Obama, he will unfairly die in prison." ~ Our Revolution


Celebrate International Human Rights Day, December 10th | The Militant Negro™

Happy Human Rights Day! Here's everything you want to know about this important day, courtesy of Mr. Militant Negro.


Scenes of Celebration at Standing Rock | Truthdig

Photojournalist Michael Nigro captured first reactions of Standing Rock Water Protectors when they learned the DAPL permit had been denied by the Army Corps of Engineers. Great photos!


Veterans to Stand with Water Protectors Dec. 4th

American veterans will stand with Native American Water Protectors on December 4th at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.