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Bernie Sanders, Internet Sensation

Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Takes Off

Bernie Sanders is winning the Internet crowd with his revolutionary democratic socialist agenda. Vox says he is like a 3rd-party candidate, but working within the Democrat Party system. Senator Sanders’ presidential campaign has become an unlikely internet sensation, dominating social media. — Vox Bernie Brings on the Revolution […]

#BerniesBrigade: A Twitter Storm

At 6:30 PM I participated in the Twitter Storm for #BerniesBrigade, which was organized by the Reddit Sanders for President group. The Motivation As you may know, mainstream media tend to ignore Bernie. So the Reddit Sanders for President group aimed to balance that out. “If the media will […]


Act Out! Surveillance State Update

Act Out! host Eleanor Goldstein gives ‘a little profile update on the Surveillance State and what you can do fight it and protect yourself.’ Surveillance State Update This unhinged, unregulated trolling of our personal lives is unconstitutional, Orwellian, f*cking creepy, and wildly inefficient. — Eleanor Goldstein, Occupy.com Video […]