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A Mini-Lesson on Demand-Side Economics with Jimmy Dore

Comedian Jimmy Dore gives a mini-lesson on demand-side economics. Spoiler: When wages go up, everyone is a winner...


Thom Hartmann on Labor & Economic News: 5/31/16 | Thom Hartmann

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-ri9dKv0PE Covered This Week... As labor unions have declined, the top 10% has gotten more wealthy. A proposed ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 in Washington D.C. American-raised chicken is being processed in China. The middle class has been shrinking for 4 decades. A wave of industrial labor unrest is hitting France. ...


Former GOPer Sounds Like Raging Liberal On Minimum Wage (The Jimmy Dore Show)

Former Republican Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY, 1979 to 1997) has become older and wiser. He now advocates the $15 minimum wage. Should we be impressed? Jimmy Dore and friends have a lively discussion about Simpson's near "deathbed conversion."


Money Is Like Love and It’s in the Air!

The easiest and quickest way to boost the economy is to increase the minimum wage. A higher minimum wage upgrades the pay scale for most working people. When lower and middle-wage earners have more money to spend, they buy things. This in turn, spurs an economy that is based on selling products and services. Money…

Money Is Like Love and It’s in the Air! was originally published on Aware & Fair


A More Logical Minimum Wage? (Video)

David Pakman explores an idea for adjusting the minimum wage by making it relative to the maximum wage in a company. "For example, if the highest earner in a company earned two million dollars a year, then the lowest full-time earner for that company may earn no less than 2% of that amount, or $40,000 ...


A Complete Guide to the Minimum Wage.

Does Paying Workers More Hurt Business? A Complete Guide to the Minimum Wage. "you have a mass of competing forces set off by the minimum wage — some pushing employment up, and some down. That’s why a 2009 meta-study — a study of 64 other studies — found a convergence on zero employment effects... In ...


Billionaire Nick Hanauer on Raising Minimum Wage to $15

Gawker interviews progressive billionaire Nick Hanauer about raising the minimum wage to $15. "Shit's Gonna Hit the Fan": Talking to a Billionaire About Class War Gawker: It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation though, isn’t it? Which came first, the high wages, or the strong economy in the place that has the high wages? ...


The Big Picture: Fight for $15 with Robert Reich

In collaboration with MoveOn.Org, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is launching a series of video presentations called The Big Picture: 10 Ideas To Save The Economy. Idea #1 is the $15 minimum wage.


Connecticut Bill Would Fine Corporations For Low Wages

Connecticut aims to recoup state costs attributable to low-wage employers. Connecticut Bill Would Fine Corporations For Low Wages Connecticut lawmakers are moving forward with a proposal that could effectively raise the minimum wage of many of the state’s low-wage workers to $15 an hour. The bill, SB 1044, would subject for-profit companies with 500 or more ...

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