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Blind Man And His Friend With No Arms Work As One To Plant A Forest | The Huffington Post

“Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia have worked together to plant more than 10,000 trees over the past decade. It’s a remarkable feat for anyone to plant a small forest in China, but Wenqi has no arms and Haixia is blind… “You’ll be my arms, I’ll be your eyes,” chronicles the environmental restoration the duo from a small village in Hebei Province, near Beijing, undertook. They’ve been friends since childhood and refer to each other as “brothers” as they work as one to restore a landscape scarred by development.” ~ Nick Visser and Kelly Chen


Help Stop ‘Big Pollution’

A message from Robert Redford: Please ask President Obama to stand up against Big Oil and Big Coal. No one voted on Election Day to let big polluters destroy our natural heritage, increase our dependence on dirty fossil fuels or create more climate chaos. But that’s exactly what […]

Can Climate Change Unite the Left?

Can Climate Change Unite the Left? To avoid catastrophe, we must seize corporate polluters’ wealth. And to do that, we must change everything. In December 2012, Brad Werner, a complex systems researcher… [presented] at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco…. ‘Is Earth F**ked?’ […]