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Small girl fearlessly faces Wall Street bull.

$2.5 Trillion Asset Manager Installs Statue of Fearless Girl in Front of Wall Street Bull

On the eve of International Women’s Day, an asset manager on Wall Street had a statue of a fearless girl installed to face the iconic bull statue already in place. The intention of doing so is to highlight a lack of gender diversity and equality in the workplace.


How the Clinton Multi-Million Dollar Political Machine Operates (Empire Files)

Hillary Clinton has close ties to Wall Street and large multinational corporations. Abby Martin of Empire Files explains why that is truly scary and shows how Clinton has been groomed to be the CEO for Big Money interests; that is, prepped to be President of the United States. This is why the Bernie or Bust…

How the Clinton Multi-Million Dollar Political Machine Operates (Empire Files) was originally published on Aware & Fair

Money in Politics

Clinton Aides Cozy with Wall Street

Hillary Clinton Aides’ Wall Street Links Raise Economic Policy Doubts “Neil Sroka, a spokesman for the progressive advocacy group Democracy for America expressed his angst about the influence of the two in Clinton world. ‘It’s hard to imagine how a presidential candidate is going to seriously confront the […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes – The Trailer

Russell Brand has a new film coming out April 24, 2015, The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s about escalating inequality since the financial crisis of 2008. Recently proclaimed the world’s fourth leading thinker, ‘listen up’ to what Brand has to say. The Emperor’s New Clothes Milton Friedman once said that […]