The Revolutionary Texas Progressive Candidates of 2020

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The Texas Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Find the most revolutionary Texas progressive candidates running, and their policies. For the purpose of this list, “most revolutionary” means that each candidate meets the following two criteria:

  • Rejects corporate money
  • Supports single-payer Medicare for All

LAST UPDATED: March 7, 2020

Texas Progressive Candidates for Congress

U.S. House

TX-10 Mike Siegel for U.S. House

Mike Siegel (D) – “Fighting for Real Change.” Medicare for All • Protect Voting Rights • Invest in Public Education • Green New Deal • Expand Labor Rights • Corporate Money Out of Politics • Pro-Choice • Common Sense Gun Reform • College for All • Accepts No Corporate Money

TX-13 Greg Sagan for U.S. House

Greg Sagan (D) – “The Power: We the People. The Purpose: To Form a More Perfect Union.” Single-Payer Healthcare (Medicare for All is the only single-payer plan that has been proposed) • Labor Unions • High-Speed Internet Infrastructure • Public Education • Tax Reform • Immigration Reform and DACA • Stop Border Wall • Climate Action • Renewable Energy • Protect Social Security • Government Funded Higher Education • End Gerrymandering • Reverse Citizens United • Congressional Term Limits • Regulatory Reform • Sensible Gun Control • Nation of Peace, with Military Might Enough to Prevent Aggression • End Perpetual Conflict • Restore the Fairness Doctrine for Less Biased News Media • Racial Justice • Reverse Runaway Equality • Democracy • Accepts No Corporate Money

We need to foster a new principle that governs not only our politics but our business: The notion of “good corporate citizenship” – wherein corporations and our government share in the belief that, since all Americans are in this together, there is no long-term benefit in exploiting one sector of our people to enrich another. I believe we can create a regulatory framework that encourages this attitude, and I believe it begins with a political tradition of engaging and respecting the voices of everyone we represent.

~ Greg Sagan

TX-14 Adrienne Bell for U.S. House

Adrienne Bell (D) – “Adrienne Bell for U.S. Congress.” Medicare for All • Public Education • Economic Justice • Legalization of Marijuana • Criminal Justice Reform • Immigration Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

TX-25 Julie Oliver for U.S. House

Julie Oliver (D) – “Ending the Corrupting Influence of Big Money.” Medicare for All • Gun Violence Prevention • Automatic and Same Day Voter Registration • End Mass Incarceration • End Cash Bail • Immigrant Justice • Green New Deal • End Runaway Income Inequality • Accepts No Corporate Money

“When I hear that ‘you’re a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps-kind-of-girl’ I’m quick to correct and say, ‘No, I’m the product of a community of support.'” ~ Julie Oliver

TX-31 Donna Imam for U.S. House

Donna Imam (D) – “People Who Work for a Living Are America’s Biggest Assets.” Medicare for All • Real Pay for All • Equal Justice for All • Defund Private Prisons • Veteran Protections and Benefits • Support Rural America • Education for All • Accepts No Corporate Money

Running a so-called “profitable” business on the backs of people who can’t afford basic needs and can’t save for a down payment on a house or for retirement is NOT capitalism, it’s a failed business taking advantage of desperate people trying to stay alive.

~ Donna Imam
Interview: Donna Imam is on the Cusp of Flipping a Congressional Seat in Texas | The Humanist Report
Texas Progressive Candidates of 2020
2020 Texas progressive candidates are revolutionary!

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