The Political Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The political revolution will not be televised, it will be live. (A slight variation of Gil Scott-Heron’s 1970 lyric.)

Failure of the Fourth Estate

We shake our heads in wonder because mainstream media consistently fails to report real, accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive, unbiased news. Isn’t the Fourth Estate supposed to inform citizens about significant current events and offer valid insight into the issues that surround them? Yes, particularly so regarding politics and government. Journalism in the Digital Age explains…

“The press makes the actions of the government known to the public, and voters who disapprove of current trends in policy can take corrective action in the next election. Without the press, the feedback loop is broken and the government is no longer accountable to the people. The press is therefore of the utmost importance in a representative democracy.” ~Danny Crichton, Ben Christel, Aaditya Shidham, Alex Valderrama, Jeremy Karmel

For me, the most galling lack of news coverage concerns climate change and money in politics, but the concern applies to any news topic. Those of us “in the know” turn to the Fifth Estate — online independent news sources, bloggers who have developed a certain authority in their subject area, and social media updates — for the news that we need.

We recognize that mainstream media doesn’t fail on news reportage simply because it lacks the financial resources to do a good job, or only hires Trump University graduates. The mainstream media deliberately filters and obfuscates the real news. It wants to spoon feed the public with a controlled narrative. The mainstream media is part of the elite status quo, and it doesn’t want anything to change that. Therefore, the political revolution will not be televised.

The Big Under-Reported News Story of the Day: Wikileaks Hillary Series

The big under-reported news story of the day, related to political revolution, is the Wikileaks Hillary Series. Wikileaks exposed 1,000’s of damning DNC emails to the public yesterday. The revelations prove the Democratic National Committee (DNC) woefully deviated from its own standard of professional neutrality toward presidential candidates and show how the DNC colluded with mainstream media outlets in order to bolster Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Not surprisingly, this riveting #DNCLeak story is in danger of slipping by conscious public awareness. Public figures at the center of the DNC leaks are not even trying to defend themselves, much less respond. Naturally, mainstream media is barely covering the story, even though it centers around presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the DNC — with the Democratic National Convention only two days away.

The political revolution will not be televised. However, we can follow the Hillary Series on Twitter at Wikileaks, #DNCLeaks or #DNCLeak, Wikileaks DNC, or the like. Hopefully, this important news story gains momentum as the main players get involved.

It looks like ABC and CNN are the only big news networks covering the story. (The emails implicate MSNBC and CBS with DNC media collusion.) Now might be a choice time to visit friends and family who soak up mainstream media — with your mobile device. Show them a real news story in development.

Primo Tweets About the Wikileaks Hillary Series

Here’s a sampling of primo tweets about today’s big story: The Wikileaks Hillary Series.