Time for an Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests Movement in the United States

The U.S. Congress was unable to pass a Corona Crisis Relief Bill without giving big corporations HUGE bailouts. Regular people, on average, will receive barely enough money to endure another two weeks. Frontline medical support funding was merely squeezed in, like an afterthought. WHY? Because global corporations rule the U.S. Congress.

Big Money Corrupts Government

Big Money has a corrupting influence on the American government. Here’s how it works… Money creates power. And then, power is misused to bribe politicians with campaign donations, insider stock information, the implied promise of future favors, etc. Legal or not, such corporate influence creates conflicts of interest that corrupt our elected officials. And know this: many Congress Members go along with shady practices because they’ll be politically punished if they don’t — not because they want to.

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

~ Lord Acton, 1887

The average voter hates corruption. But they think you can’t do anything about it. However, we must do something about political corruption, and fast. Corporate greed is the direct cause of our planet’s climate crisis. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is pummeling us with immediate danger. Though corporate greed did not cause COVID-19, it has impeded an effective response to the disease, here in the United States, and is capitalizing on this crisis event — at the cost of American lives.

Rumblings of a General Strike

To attack corruption, we first need solidarity. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns have built massive solidarity, exemplified by the #NotMeUs slogan. The idea of intersectional solidarity has gone mainstream. Now, because of the COVID-19 crisis, people are quickly figuring out that action is also required, and the rumblings of a #GeneralStrike abound. See Twitter examples below:

Frontline workers are terrified of catching COVID-19 and infecting their families and neighborhoods. As a result, some of them are causing inconvenience and discomfort for heartless bosses who won’t support worker safety — with labor strikes.

The labor strike is a time-honored tactic that leverages the power of workers. As desperation and unity grow, as people experience this coronavirus crisis together, expect to see THE General Strike take place, all across the U.S.A.

Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests

In addition to the General Strike, the county needs an organized, nonviolent Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests movement — to further disrupt the civil passivity of those aligned with the corporate establishment.

This is taking #NotMeUs to the next logical level. And while America’s modern Progressive Movement has been hugely inspired by Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, we’ll see everyone joining in — conservatives, independents, and non-politicals, alike — in order to experience the strength of solidarity and action that will save lives.

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