Best Scenes from the 2019 Women’s March
Woman marcher holding sign that says "The future is STILL female."

Best Scenes from the 2019 Women’s March

The 3rd annual Women’s March was held in Washington D.C. yesterday. Did you participate? Did you follow the main events on TV or Internet?

I’ve collected my favorite scenes from the march, plus a gem from Marianne Williamson, who lectured at the Washington National Cathedral on November 30, 2018. Her talk delves into the power and vision that American women, that all women, must embrace now or never. I’ve included it here because it beautifully augments the 2019 Women’s March.

Now is the time for women (and good men) to step up to the plate, and fiercely play the political game in order to win justice for all. The children, the world, and the very Earth need us to take command over those motivated by self-perceived privilege and/or corporate greed. We must subdue those who have driven the world into devastating economic inequality and environmental disaster.

Thank you to all the women who marched, and to the men who support them.

Feminine Power & Policy

From the New York City sister-march, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outlined the political course of feminine power.

Last year we took the power to the polls. And this year we’re taking power to the policy.

~ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Best Women’s March Poster…

Most Poignant Slogan

In light of the climate crisis and urgent need for global collaboration to drive effective climate action, and along with women’s general overall skill and willingness for collaboration, the most poignant saying spied at the 2019 Women’s March is an old slogan from the 1970s.

“The Future Is Female.”

Canniest Slogan

The canniest slogan was seen at a sister-march in Melbourne, Florida:

“Make America Think Again.”

Rally Song

“Halfway There,” from ROZES, was the official rally song of the 2019 Women’s March.

We’re already halfway there. Are we gonna finish what we started or just leave it here?

~ From chorus of “Halfway There”

Female Spirit & Power

No one can pull together the spiritual and the intellectual like Marianne Williamson does. Listen to what she has to say to American women in the final session of the Washington National Cathedral’s 2018 Women’s November Series.

You will never be the same.

As if in reply to the question posed by ROZES, it’s clear that Williamson is betting on women to finish what they started.

We will do more than move mountains… We will go down in history as people who, in our time, did rise to the occasion… We were women who loved hard, and prayed deep, and in the final analysis, we kicked ass.

~ Marianne Williamson

The Future Is Female!

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