Support Your Friendly Worker Co-op

If you like to buy from American and/or labor unionized companies, why not take it a step further? Shop for goods and services that worker co-ops produce. After all, none of their jobs are going overseas!

The Worker Co-op Directory will help you get started. It includes many worker-owned-and-managed cooperatives that facilitate online shopping. More online and local worker co-ops will be added, as the Editor (me) learns about them…

Worker Co-op Submissions

…That’s where readers come in. Won’t you please use the private email form, below, to tell me about your favorite local worker co-op? Thank you! Together, we can make this list really useful — and reward businesses that respect democracy in the workplace.


Worker Co-op Business Directory

Democracy isn’t just for politics. You support workplace democracy whenever you shop at a worker-owned-and-operated co-op. Use the directory, below, to explore an array of worker co-op businesses that are waiting to serve YOU (instead of a capitalist boss).

Use the “Filters” to search the Worker Co-op Directory by “Location” (state) or “Tag.” Have fun shopping. Don’t break the budget. And tell your friends!

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You can find more local worker co-ops at the Directory of Worker Co-Ops and Democratic Workplaces or the Data Commons Directory.

WORKER CO-OP democracy in the workplace
A worker co-op equals workplace democracy.

To learn more about worker co-ops, check out Democracy at Work or the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives. The ICA Group also helps company owners convert their businesses into worker-owned cooperatives.

Modern Socialism for Workers

Work is where we spend most of our time and energy. So the key point of modern socialism is to establish democracy in the workplace. That is, all workers get to vote on their company’s business decisions.

When you have time, consider watching the following video lecture. It’s excellent. Prof. Richard D. Wolff provides an overview of socialism: the history, modern socialist theory, and worker-owned-and-managed co-ops. Your eyes will open to a new day, a new way.

Prof. Wolff is a Marxist economist, an historian, and a skillful teacher. His lectures are eye-opening, particularly to Americans who know little about socialism.

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